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A High Quality Source for Fused Minerals like Fused Mullite, Fused Zirconia Mullite, etc.

Based in Salem, Tamil Nadu (India), we, Fused Minerals International are a quality conscious organization involved in the manufacturing and supply of high quality Electro Fused Mullite, Zirconia Mullite and Bubble Alumina products to both domestic and export markets. Fused Minerals International or FMI was established in 2018, and we could achieve great acceptance in the market due to our superior products and young energetic team.

The objective of the company is to focus on producing Quality Products and Services to cater to the need of customers in both domestic and worldwide markets.

Our products are of high quality because we have a stringent quality control and assurance system. We procure raw materials from well known vendors and test their raw materials at our laboratory and external accredited labs. Our products are known for their high performance. These products are widely used in General engineering industries for the production of Refractories which in turn are used in the steel, glass, cement, petrochemical and engineering industries.

FMI manufactures Alumina based, Zirconia based, Magnesia Based minerals by Electro-fusion technique and supply to industries producing high grade refractories for Iron & Steel, Ceramics and Glass Industries.

Quality Assurance

  • Raw materials are sourced from reputed known vendors who maintain high quality standards.
  • Our in-house Quality Control test the Raw Materials and maintain stringent standards for approval.
  • We also use external accredited labs for both Raw Material & Finished product testing to reinforce the confidence with the end users.
  • A continuous online Quality Control and a final quality assurance certification are done based on standards / customized specification.
  • The machinery used for the manufacturing process are all customized & tailor made to meet the performance & high standards of quality and safety.
  • Special care and attention is given to packaging and documentation to ensure clients receive materials without any difficulty which is a part of the customer support process.

Key Strengths of Fused Minerals International

  • Flexibility in the Fusion process to make different products
  • Capability to meet specific needs of the customer in a shorter time
  • Tailor made equipments to make quality products with high safety features
  • Specially designed Crushing & Grading system to produce any Particle size requirement in a short notice.
  • Good logistic connection to transport goods in both domestic & export markets
  • Young committed, dedicated & responsive team

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